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My journey towards becoming a yoga teacher began with my 14 year old self spending a sunny summer in my parents garden copying poses from an old yoga book with my little sister in tow. By the end of the summer the physical and mental benefits were so apparent that I knew I had to explore the practice more.


Twenty years later I was fortunate enough to see my dreams become a reality when I travelled to Morrocco with 'Yogahaven', met some amazing people, and earned my 200hr registered yoga teacher training certificate. 

Since then my dedication to educating myself in all things yoga has continued; training with senior teachers such as Jason Crandell, Claire Missingham, Kathry Budig and Celeste Pereira to name a few. I believe it is important, while honouring the ancient tradition and spirituality of yoga, to stay modern with my knowledge of the body and movement in order to teach students to practice safely, with longevity in mind.


Currently, I enjoy a more dynamic practice with music to move to... so thats what I teach! My Vinyasa Flow classes involve moving with the breath from one pose to the next with an eclectic soundtrack usually in a candle lit room. By doing this we are challenging the body and learning to move with control while being mindful of alignment and calming the mind.

Hope to see you on the mat,

Amy x 

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