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Yogabird retreats are a chance to dive a little deeper into your practice, a chance to switch off and take some time out for yourself. 

Our last wellness retreat took place in the beautiful village of Whalton. We began the day with an invigorating dynamic yoga sequence followed by a scrumptious organic plant based brunch and a chance to visit our pop up essential oil shop. Brunch was followed by a talk from the wise and wonderful Sherab, an ordained monk, who told us all about the benefits of meditation. The day ended with a magical sound bath and a restorative yoga sequence. 

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This was an amazing day spent practising yoga, gaining insight into meditation and experiencing a sound bath.

The whole retreat had been so carefully planned by our Lovely yoga teacher Amy. The hall was transformed into a beautiful relaxed environment with potted plants, yogi statues and calming twinkling lights every where.

We were treated to an amazing vegetarian brunch which was absolutely delicious. A variety of herbal and ordinary teas were available all day as was water flavoured with fresh fruit and herbs. 

I came home feeling refreshed and relaxed. It was a wonderful day. Thank you so much Amy. I am really looking forward to the next one.


Well done Amy, you hosted a fantastic day, your passion for wellness was made clear by the effort and attention to detail in putting this event together.


Thank you for opening new doors for us all. The success of the day was made clear by the relaxed atmosphere and lots of happy yogis!


Huge thanks to you and your fabulous team.


You, your special helpers, and your wonderful guests made it a magical day to remember!

Super fab teacher, delicious food, lush venue and inspiring guests, perfect day!


Thanks for treating me to a day of bliss!!

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